What are the effects of facial equipment?Introducing how to choose a model according to your worries!

What are the effects of facial equipment?Introducing how to choose a model according to your worries!

Some people may be interested in facial equipment after seeing advertisements and word-of-mouth reviews on information sites and SNS.Also, even if you want to try a popular facial massager recommended on an information site, you often get lost because you don't know if it suits you.

Facial massagers are supported by men and women with a high sense of beauty, and are attractive items that help improve various troubles.In this article, let's take a step toward realizing your ideals by understanding the effects you can expect from facial equipment and the tips for choosing a model that suits your concerns.


1. What are the effects of facial massagers?

What is a facial device?An item that performs facial care using hot and cold heat, vibration, electricity, etc.is.By using a facial massager, you can easily perform full-scale care like the treatment you receive at a beauty salon while staying at home.

The main effects expected from the facial equipment are as follows.

Effects that can be expected from the use of facial equipment

  • Moisturizing effect on the skin
  • Effect of removing dirt from skin and pores
  • Skin smoothing effect
  • Effect to tighten skin and face line

For example, a beauty device with an introduction function is expected to have the effect of boosting the penetration of beauty essences and gels and moisturizing the skin.A facial device equipped with a cleansing and peeling function can remove old keratin, etc., and help reincarnate the skin into a state of fine texture.A facial massager equipped with a function to stimulate muscles approaches areas where age is beginning to be a concern, helping to create a youthful impression.


2. [By problem] Introducing the model type of facial equipment that can be expected to be effective!

Since the expected effects of facial equipment differ from product to product, it is necessary to select the model that best suits your skin concerns.In order not to regret after purchasing a facial device, let's understand the correspondence between worries and models.

Below, we will explain the tips for selecting a model of a facial device for each skin problem and problem.


2-1. Worried about loss of firmness

For those who are concerned about the loss of skin firmness due to aging,Select a model that can target the foundation of muscles and skin to tighten and improve elasticity.will do.For example, RF (radio waves) and EMS (electrical stimulation) are models that can care for areas where you are concerned about a decrease in firmness.

RF (radio waves) A model that uses heat generated by radio waves to boost collagen production and repair.
EMS (Electrical Stimulation) A model that aims to change the impression of appearance by using electricity to loosen and train muscles

RF is especially suitable for those who are concerned about changes in impression due to increased subcutaneous fat. EMS should be used when you are concerned about changes in impression due to weakening or strengthening of facial muscles.


2-2. I'm worried about the brightness of my skin

For those who are concerned about the brightness of their skinSelect an iontophoresis device to boost the penetration of beauty ingredientswill do.The expected effect of iontophoresis varies depending on the beauty ingredients of the basic cosmetics to be combined.If you want to use it to brighten your skin, you should choose a beauty essence that helps with stains and dullness care, and use it together.

Examples of beauty ingredients that help treat blemishes and dullness are:

  • Vitamin C derivative
  • Placenta
  • Tranexamic acid

If you think that dullness is caused by poor blood circulation, we recommend "LED", which adjusts the condition of the skin by irradiating it with light.is.In addition, LEDs have the characteristic that the expected effect changes depending on the color of irradiation.If you want to use it for blemishes and dullness care, choose red.


2-3.Worried about dryness

For those who are concerned about dryness and stiffness of the skin,Models that support the penetration of beauty ingredients and models that can be expected to soften the skin are recommended.is.In addition, by combining the iontophoresis device with basic cosmetics containing amino acids, placenta, etc., it is possible to support the elimination of dryness and the reincarnation of beautiful, glossy skin.

If you want to emphasize the softening effect on your skin, you can use a face steamer.When using a face steamer, you can expect the warm steam to soften the skin and boost the penetration of serums and gels.


2-4. I'm worried about pores

Even after washing your face, dirt in your pores and darkening caused by old keratin and sebum stains are removed.Intensive care using a water peeling facial device and an electric facial cleansing brushIt would be good.

Water peeling A model that uses water flow and vibration to remove dirt from pores
electric face brush A model that uses brush rotation and sonic vibration to remove dirt from pores.

If you are concerned about open pores or sagging,One idea is to use a “laser facial device” that stimulates the cells inside the skin with the heat of the laser and boosts turnover (skin rebirth).is.Using a laser facial device promotes the production of collagen according to turnover, aiming to tighten open pores.


3. I want to improve the effect of the facial equipment!Usage tips

In order to use the beauty device safely,It is important to check the instruction manual in advance and follow the care instructions, frequency of use, timing of care, etc. specified by the manufacturer.is.On top of that, if you are conscious of the tips for more effective and efficient care, you will be more satisfied.

Here are three important tips to improve the effectiveness of your facial equipment.


3-1. Use with flat skin

A type of facial massager that is used on the face can be expected to be more effective by bringing it into close contact with the skin.When caring for uneven areas,Lightly lift the skin with the hand that does not hold the body, flatten it as much as possible, and then apply it.

Specific examples of uneven areas on the face are as follows.

  • around eyes, nose and cheekbones
  • Face line

The area around the eyes is very delicate and easily damaged.Avoid using facial equipment that is not recommended for use around the eyes.When using a facial device that can be used around the eyes, it is important to adjust the level to the extent that you do not feel pain.


3-2. Gently apply to the skin

The thickness of the "stratum corneum" on the surface of the skin is about 0.02 mm and is very delicate.If you apply the facial equipment strongly, you cannot expect a sufficient effect, and it may cause exfoliation of the keratin and disruption of the turnover cycle due to friction stimulation, so be careful.

In order to increase the effect of the facial equipment, please follow the direction of "bottom to top" and apply it with gentle force.In order to reduce irritation, avoid reciprocating the same area over and over again, or care more frequently than necessary.


3-3.Using beauty essence for facial equipment

If you have beauty essences or gels for facial equipment, use the specified ones to improve the effect.The benefits of using serums and gels are as follows:

  • Prevents skin irritation and skin problems caused by friction
  • Aim for a synergistic effect with the function of the facial equipment and beauty ingredients

In particular, the beauty essences and gels specified by the manufacturer have their textures and beauty ingredients determined in consideration of their compatibility with the facial equipment and the burden on the skin.If you use the appropriate amount of the specified product, you can aim to improve the effect while reducing the burden on your skin.

Incidentally,Among the models on the market, there are models that can be used easily without the need for serums or gels.In addition, there are models that use commercially available basic cosmetics for care, so choose a type that you can easily continue.


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The effects of facial equipment differ depending on the model and the features installed, but in many cases, it is used for the purpose of moisturizing the skin and removing dirt from the pores. If you use a facial device with RF or EMS function, you can aim to improve the firmness of your skin.In addition, an iontophoresis device and a facial device with an LED function can be used to improve the brightness of the skin.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the facial equipment, select a model that suits your skin concerns and take care of it based on the tips on how to use it.If you are looking for a stylish, easy-to-use, and highly reliable facial equipment, please consider early bird products.

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