About resale

About resale

We prohibit resale of our products as a livelihood.
In addition, it is assumed that the resale prohibition contract has been agreed at the following points.

① When you place an order on this site
② At the time of purchase at a regular corporate store

We certify "resale as a livelihood" under the following conditions.

① Selling new or old products on EC sites such as Rakuten Ichiba and Amazon
(XNUMX) Selling the product for more than the purchase price or reassigning it for commercial purposes

If we confirm the resale act, it will be in accordance with Articles 415 and 709 of the Civil Code as a non-fulfillment of the obligation as a purchaser in the sales contract, and as a non-genuine product purchase, it will accompany the sale of non-genuine products. We may take legal measures such as claims for damages due to infringement of intellectual property rights and trademark rights.