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EMS facial equipment for face


EMS facial equipment for face

EMS stimulates muscles comfortably.
Hot & cold leads to beautiful skin.
● Mode switching (EMS1-EMS2-COOL)
● Auto-off function
● EMS level (weak-medium-strong)
-LED light (green-red-blue)
●Overseas use OK


User Guide

table of contents

About returns and refunds

About initial failure
Please check the condition of the product immediately after it arrives.We will replace the initial defect confirmed when the product arrives with a new one.
Dedicated formPlease contact us.
About 7-day return refund system
● Conditions for accepting returns and refunds
If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives and we will accept the return even after opening and using.We will refund the full price of the product within 3 business days after the product is returned.
7-day return refund system dedicated formPlease contact us from.

*The 7-day return and refund system is only applicable to orders shipped domestically.Orders shipped overseas are not eligible.
* Please note that if the product is intentionally damaged, it will not be covered.
* The 7-day return refund system is available to those who purchased from this site.
* The product arrival date is counted as the first day. (Example: 1/1 arrival ⇨ We accept returns and refunds only for inquiries by 1/1.)

● Returns for customer convenience
For inquiries after the 8th day from the arrival of the product, we cannot accept returns or refunds.
Please purchase after understanding in advance.

● About refund
The refund amount is only the product price.
Other fees are not included.

●About products eligible for return/refund system
The products eligible for this system are as follows.
・TheBeautools products (FacePump series, Rocklean series, PureNano series)
・Earlybird original products (LifTone series, HOGUNOA)
・Tripollar products (STOP V, stop, pose)
 *Products without packaging are not eligible for the return/refund system.

Return shipping and handling
Customers are responsible for any returns due to customer convenience.
We will bear the responsibility for returns due to initial defects.


Delivery & Shipping

Domestic (courier service) nationwide free shipping
Overseas: flat rate 3,600 yen

Product shipping timing
After payment is confirmed, it will be shipped within 1-2 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
* In the case of cash on delivery, after confirming your order, it will be shipped within 1-2 business days excluding weekends and holidays.

Estimated delivery time


Estimated delivery time

You can specify your desired delivery time zone.
However, even if a time is specified,
Delivery may not be possible within the specified time due to bad weather or disasters.Please note.


About payment methods

You can pay by credit card / PayPal / AmazonPay / PayPay / cash on delivery / bank transfer.

Credit cardcard
Credit card payment can only be used with VISA, Mastercard, JCB and American Express.
* The credit card security system uses SSL. Please be assured that your card number is encrypted and sent securely.
* If the credit card payment is put on hold, we may contact you to change the payment method or request you to show the proof of payment.

Cash on delivery
[Contractor] Sagawa Express
[Cash on delivery fee table] Nationwide flat rate: 330 yen
[Remarks] Please have the amount stated in the email sent from our shop ready when you receive the item.
* Cash on delivery payment is cash only.

Bank Transfer
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Kojimachi Branch
Normally 9318067
Early bird

● When using points, the amount of the confirmation email delivered automatically and the amount at the time of transfer may differ.
Please transfer the amount listed in the email sent from our store later.
● Please pay the transfer fee at your own expense.
● We will ship after payment is confirmed.
● Please be careful not to lose the copy when transferring.
● Depending on the timing of payment, we may not be able to deliver on the desired date and time.Please specify a date and time with a margin.

Warranty / repair / replacement

The warranty period is 1 year and 6 months for purchases made on the official website, and 1 year for purchases made at Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, and physical stores.

We accept repairs and replacements free of charge within the warranty period.Dedicated formPlease contact us.
To confirm the warranty period, please show us something that can identify the date of purchase (order number, screenshot of order confirmation page, etc.).

*If the purchase source is not an official channel (cheaper than the list price, resold item, purchased at a store that does not have business with us, etc.), the warranty will not apply.
* Depending on the condition of the product, we may repair it instead of replacing it.
* If no problems are found as a result of operation check or investigation, the product may be cleaned and returned.Please note.

*Even during the warranty period, there may be a charge depending on the usage conditions and the condition of the main unit.Please read the free repair policy below carefully.

◆Free repair policy◆
1. We will repair or replace the product free of charge if it breaks down under normal usage conditions in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual or the label attached to the main unit.
2. If you move, please contact the store where you purchased the product in advance.
3.Even within the warranty period, repair or replacement will be charged in the following cases.
(b) Failure or damage due to errors in use or improper repair or modification
(b) Failure or damage due to overturning or dropping after purchase
(c) Failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood, other natural disasters, and abnormal voltage
(d) Failure and damage caused by abnormalities in other connected devices
(e) When replacing parts such as batteries, consumables, and accessories
(f) Failure and damage when used outside of general household use (for example, for long periods of business use)
(g) Failures and damages that occur when installed on vehicles, ships, etc.
(h) Failure or damage due to transportation, movement, dropping, etc. after purchase
(i) If you cannot present something that can identify the date of purchase
This warranty is valid only in Japan.

If it is out of the warranty period, it can be repaired or replaced for a fee.The cost varies depending on the condition of the product.Dedicated formPlease contact us.

First of all, before contacting usFAQPlease read this.

About the return shipping fee when repairing or exchanging
The return shipping fee for the product will be borne by the customer (advance payment).
We will bear the shipping fee for the repaired or replaced product.