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About the fine current of FacePump series

About the fine current of FacePump series

We have received some inquiries about the EMS microcurrent of the FacePump series. The FacePump series EMS can be easily experienced through water. If the skin is dry, it is difficult to feel a minute electric current, so it is recommended that you apply lotion etc. and moisturize your skin before use.

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About TheBeautools

What is The Beautools

The Beautools is a brand specializing in facial equipment for home use.
We snuggle up to the feeling of beauty that every customer wants,
We continue to pursue beauty equipment that can be used easily at home.

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About Tripollar

About Tripollar

"TriPollar" is a home esthetic equipment brand from Porogen, an esthetic equipment manufacturer in Israel that sells esthetic equipment to 60 countries around the world. The tripolar RF beauty device, which combines professional beauty treatment technology, is the only product in the world that has been patented.

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