Introduction of overseas stores

 Hello everyone!
ToDayThe BeautoolsIntroducing directly managed stores.

In Japan, it is currently handled at home appliance mass retailers and household goods stores.
Overseas, we have directly managed stores in Shanghai, Harbin, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and other locations.
It will open in Singapore in the future,The BeautoolsIs now a popular brand overseas!

This time, we will introduce the state of the directly managed store.


In a gorgeous shop based on clean white and plenty of gold,
The BeautoolsProducts are slurry!

The BeautoolsIs a chic impression based on black and gold,
The unusual pink gift box is cute! This is a limited set at the time.

This is a trial space for customers to try out.
The spacious chairs and mirrored space are very luxurious, so it seems that you will be more aware of your skin!

Unfortunately, directly managed stores are currently only overseas, but you can actually experience the products at some stores in Japan.

“Is a home facial device really effective?” “I do n’t want to regret it when I buy it”.
While there are many things that can only be purchased and judged,The BeautoolsIs "Try it! Like it! Buy it!"(Try and like it, buy it) is a slogan.
If you are worried about the effect, you can experience it at stores in stores nationwide, or7If it is within days, even if you are not satisfied with the actual use, we will give you a full refund.

I'd love toThe Beautools productsPlease experience it and experience its charm and effects!


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