What is EMS?A thorough explanation of the expected beauty effects, how to incorporate them, and the equipment!

What is EMS?A thorough explanation of the expected beauty effects, how to incorporate them, and the equipment!

Cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and beauty salons often use EMS. EMS is used for all kinds of beauty effects, and is a popular treatment menu for various parts such as the face and body.

However, there are few people who know specifically what EMS is and what kind of treatment it will be.Therefore, this time, we will explain in detail the outline of EMS, the expected effects of EMS, and the beauty equipment that incorporates EMS. We also introduce people who recommend EMS facial equipment, so if you are interested in beauty, please take a look.


1.What is EMS?

EMS is an abbreviation of "Electrical Muscle Stimulation".Electrically stimulating muscles to activate them.

Originally, EMS was used in medical and rehabilitation settings to reduce the pain and burden of patients undergoing functional training.Since electrical stimulation can be expected to have the effect of moving muscles without moving the body, it will gradually be introduced in the beauty industry.

In recent years, it has become a popular treatment for many people who are conscious of beauty, to the extent that it has become a mainstream menu at cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and beauty salons.Initially, the main approach was to target the muscles of the body, but recently, menus that target the muscles of the face (facial muscles) have also become popular.


2.Beauty effects that can be expected with EMS

The effect that can be expected from EMS is not just to train muscles.Specifically, you can expect various beauty effects that approach all kinds of problems such as the following.

  • ●Approach to slackness
  • ●Approach to wrinkles and nasolabial folds
  • ●Improved turnover
  • ●Size down

From here, we will introduce each beauty effect, focusing on the relationship between the mechanism of EMS and the effect.


2-1.Approach to slackness

A decrease in muscle mass across the face causes sagging skin and blurry contours. By providing electrical stimulation to muscles, EMS not only increases muscle mass, which is difficult to train in everyday life, but can also be expected to increase blood circulation and metabolism.

in this way,The sagging approach with EMS can be expected to tighten muscles and restore sharp contours.


2-2. Approach to wrinkles and smile lines

The skin tends to lose elasticity due to aging and UV damage, and wrinkles and nasolabial folds occur.Wrinkles and nasolabial folds are difficult to improve with cosmetics alone, and are one of the skin concerns that many people have.

EMS isIt can be expected not only to activate stiff facial muscles, but also to generate collagen by applying electrical stimulation to the dermis layer of the skin.It has been with.By making wrinkles and nasolabial folds inconspicuous and giving firmness, it will lead to a youthful impression.


2-3. Improvement of turnover

The main beauty effect of EMS is the activation of muscles and facial muscles, but since the electrical stimulation unique to EMS reaches deep into the skin, it can be greatly expected to promote blood circulation.

It is said that when the blood flow is improved, waste products can be discharged efficiently and the metabolism of the skin is also improved.By receiving EMS treatment regularly, skin turnover will be more stable.If the turnover cycle is stable, the risk of skin problems will also decrease.


2-4.Size down

As mentioned above, EMS is a menu that mainly approaches muscles.Because electrical stimulation can be given to deep muscles that cannot be sufficiently trained just by living a daily life,Efficient muscle building and weight lossIt will be.

In addition, by promoting blood circulation and discharging waste products, you can expect cosmetic effects such as alleviating swelling and double chin. It is recommended for those who want to tighten partially, but are worried about restricting their diet or continuing to exercise excessively every day, or who don't want to build muscle in areas they don't want.


3.Beauty equipment that incorporates EMS

EMS is a menu that is attracting particular attention in fields such as facial beauty and slimming, so there are many menus using EMS at cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and beauty salons.

Another feature is that the appropriate beauty equipment differs depending on the part where EMS is used.From here, we will introduce three main genres of beauty equipment that incorporate EMS.


3-1. Slimming Beauty Salon Machine

At slimming beauty salons, every machine that incorporates EMS has been introduced. EMS has three main frequency bands: low frequency, medium frequency, and high frequency.The EMS introduced by slimming beauty salons is basically low to medium frequency..

High-frequency EMS machines can cause stress and pain on the skin, and slimming beauty salons generally combine EMS menus with other slimming equipment (cavitation, etc.), so those who are undergoing EMS for the first time are especially vulnerable. Try to choose a low to medium frequency machine.

In addition, EMS devices for home use are based on low frequencies.The EMS machines introduced by slimming beauty salons are for commercial use, so you can expect even more beauty effects than home-use EMS machines.It will be.


3-2. Slimming/training equipment

Many EMS devices are sold that specialize in slimming and training.Because it can be divided into various shapes and functions along the part where you want to get the muscle tightening effect,Different EMS devices to choose depending on where you want to tightenAlso remember

As an example, slimming and training equipment that incorporates EMS includes the following.

  • "EMS suit" that gives electrical stimulation to the whole body
  • "EMS belt" that gives electrical stimulation to the abdominal muscles and around the abdomen
  • "EMS Pad" that gives electrical stimulation around the buttocks and thighs
  • ● "EMS roller" that can give electrical stimulation to specific parts

These EMS devices are sometimes handled by cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and beauty salons, but in terms of the number of products, home-use devices tend to be more abundant.Although it is not a device that can be purchased cheaply due to its functionality,The perfect item for those who exercise on a regular basis to achieve more efficient resultsYou can say.


3-3. Facial massager

Equipment that incorporates EMS is not limited to belts and pads.In recent years, facial equipment with EMS as the main function has also been sold. EMS facial equipmentThe shape is almost the same as a general facial device, but there is a big difference in that it approaches the skin while applying a weak electric current.

There are many beauty products for home use as well as for beauty salons.EMS facial devices for home use are more reasonably priced than EMS devices that specialize in slimming and training.

Depending on the manufacturer, there are various types of products such as rechargeable type and battery type, so it is a good idea to pay attention to your skin concerns and usability and select the product that suits you best.If you want to try out an EMS device at home, why not buy one?


4.For whom is the EMS facial device recommended?

There are various types of equipment that incorporate EMS, and it is also characterized by being divided into household use and business use according to the frequency band.There are many product genres for low-frequency home EMS devices, but among themEMS facial equipment is a popular item for a wide range of peopleHas become.

The characteristics of people who recommend EMS facial equipment are as follows.

  • ● Worried about wrinkles and nasolabial folds, lack confidence in your smile
  • ・Worried about sagging and sluggish skin
  • I want to make the impression of the whole face youthful

EMS is a method to approach all kinds of skin problems, but the most promising approach is the approach to the face line.Because the stimulation reaches hardened muscles that are difficult with hand massage,Highly recommended for those who want to train their facial muscles and gain confidence in their smiles..



FacePump seriesEMS is an abbreviation of "Electrical Muscle Stimulation", which gives electrical stimulation to muscles to promote activation. In addition to approaching sagging, wrinkles and nasolabial folds, EMS can be expected to have various beauty effects such as improving turnover and reducing size.

In addition, many EMS devices are sold not only for commercial use but also for home use, and the shape, functionality, and feeling of use differ depending on the product, so the EMS device you should choose depends on where you want to tighten. Also remember

FacePump seriesEMS facial equipment is equipped with EMS micro-current as well as low-frequency pulses, and you can expect a lift-up effect* by promoting the penetration* of beauty ingredients while training facial muscles.There is no special gel, so you can use it with your own beauty essence, so there is no running cost.If you are using high-end serums and creams, it is also recommended that you can increase their absorption power.If you are interested in EMS facial equipment for home use, pleaseFacePump seriesPlease try.

* Up to stratum corneum
*Use it to lift

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