Is a facial massager effective for sagging under the eyes?Causes of sagging and care methods

Is a facial massager effective for sagging under the eyes?Causes of sagging and care methods

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, your skin loses firmness as you age.If you lose your firmness, wrinkles and sagging will appear, making you look tired and older than your actual age, so you want to prevent it as much as possible.

Among the parts of the face, the eyes are an important element that greatly affects the first impression of a person.Since sagging is likely to occur under the eyes, it is a good idea to understand the cause and take care of sagging on a daily basis.

So this time, we will introduce the causes of sagging under the eyes and how to prevent sagging under the eyes.Finally, we also explain the types and functions of facial equipment that can be expected to improve the sagging under the eyes, so if you want to keep youthful forever, please refer to it.


1. Causes of bags under the eyes

In recent years, as mask life has become longer, people's first impressions are often determined by the only visible eyes.If you have sagging under the eyes, dark circles or fine wrinkles, you will look older than you actually are.

Aging is the main cause of bags under the, aging does not directly cause sagging.Specific causes include:

  • because the muscles are weak
  • Due to reduced firmness
  • Due to accumulated fatigue around the eyes

From here, I will explain each cause in detail.


1-1. Muscle weakness

There is a muscle called the orbicularis oculi around the eyes.The orbicularis oculi muscle is a muscle that mainly works to close and open the eyelids.Characterized by a tendency to decline with age.

When the orbicularis oculi muscle weakens, the ability to open and close the eyelids weakens, and eventually it becomes unable to support the eyeballs and the skin around the eyes.As a result, sagging and wrinkles around the eyes gradually occur.

In addition, aging is not the only cause of weakening of the orbicularis oculi muscle.Even the younger generationPeople who overuse their eyes blink less often, causing weakness in the orbicularis oculi muscle.People who spend long hours on their computers, smartphones, video games, etc. on a daily basis should be especially careful.


1-2. Decreased firmness

Human skin consists of three layers: subcutaneous tissue, dermis, and epidermis.The dermis in itCollagen and elastin decrease with aging and aging of the skin, and the essential elements for skin firmness, such as elasticity and flexibility, are lost.It is characteristic.

When the firmness of the skin is lost, that part will eventually sag.Since the skin under the eyes is especially thin, collagen and elastin tend to decrease, which tends to cause a decrease in firmness.

Aging is not the only cause of skin loss.UV rays are a major factor in accelerating skin in the younger generation, people who are exposed to UV rays on a daily basis should be especially careful.


1-3. Eye fatigue

Human skin is characterized by being reborn in a certain cycle while sucking up necessary nutrients through capillaries.This is called turnover.

Tired eyes can cause poor blood circulation.When blood circulation around the eyes is poor, the nutrients necessary to maintain and produce healthy skin are not delivered a result,Disturbed turnover and loss of firmness occur, and eventually develop into sagging eyelids and under the eyes.

In recent years, as we have become a digital society, the number of people who overwork their eyes with computers and smartphones is on the rise regardless of age.Even people in their teens and twenties may have sagging eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles.Remember that.


2. How to prevent bags under the eyes?

After the sagging under the eyes has occurred, improvement by self-care cannot be expected.but,Before sagging occurs, it is possible to prevent it as much as possible with daily self-care.

Here are four self-care tips to prevent bags under your eyes.

  • exercise
  • Massage
  • Eye cream/Essence
  • UV protection

Eye exercises and massage can be expected to prevent muscle weakness and muscle weakness.It can be easily done while lying down or sitting before going to bed at night, so be proactive.It is also recommended to apply eye cream or serum to prevent skin damage caused by friction.The eye creams and serums you use will also help moisturize your skin.

Also, as mentioned above, UV rays can also accelerate the aging of your skin, so be sure to take thorough measures against UV rays by using items such as sunscreen cream and sunglasses on a daily basis.


3. A facial device that can be expected to improve the sagging under the eyes

Daily self-care is important for measures against sagging under the eyes and dark circles.However, if you still feel like you have a little slack or dark circles, you may want to try using beauty equipment.As a beauty device that can be expected to improve the sagging under the eyes, there is a facial device.

There are two types of facial equipment: those for commercial use, such as those used in beauty salons, and those for home use.Home-use facial equipment is characterized by the fact that the functionality and price vary greatly depending on the product.In order to introduce a facial device that is suitable for your skin problem, it is a good idea to understand the functionality of each.

From here, we will explain each of the main functionalities of the beauty device in detail.



EMS is an abbreviation for "Electrical Muscle Stimulation".Mechanism for obtaining training effects by applying electrical stimulation to muscles (electrical muscle stimulation)refers to Electrical stimulation by EMS uses a weak current, so it can of course be used for delicate eyes.

You can pinpoint facial muscles that are difficult to approach with self-care, and train muscles that tend to weaken.As a result, you can expect a tightening effect on the sagging under the eyes.

Depending on the product, there are various types such as EMS facial equipment that specializes in skin care and EMS facial equipment that specializes in stimulating facial muscles.If you purchase an EMS facial device for the purpose of alleviating sagging around the eyes,It is better to choose a product with a large wave frequency that can effectively stimulate facial musclesIt will be.



RF is an abbreviation for "Radio Frequency" and is also called "radio waves".A type of electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 30 to 300 MHzrefers toIt is a mechanism that emits high electromagnetic waves to the skin to generate thermal energy called "Joule heat", and promotes metabolism while gradually warming from the deep layers of the skin.

Not only can you expect to discharge waste products by promoting metabolism, but you can also expect to promote blood circulation due to the thermal effect.You will be able to efficiently approach the sagging under the eyes that has lost the firmness of the skin.

Depending on the product, RF facial equipment may not be used around the eyes or eyelids.After carefully checking whether it can be used for sagging under the eyes, choose an appropriate RF facial massager.



A steamer is a beauty device that emits warm steam.By applying the steam from the steamer to your face,You can expect various effects such as gently opening the pores to make it easier to remove dirt clogged deep inside, and improving the quality of daily skin care.

Unremoved makeup stains and pore stains can also cause sagging under the eyes.We recommend using it as a support item when washing your face or cleansing.

Gradually warm steam also helps promote blood circulation around the eyes, but rather than directly approaching sagging under the eyes,Useful items to condition the skin of the entire faceYou can say.


3-4. Ultrasound

What is ultrasoundA device that emits a high-frequency sound of 20 kHz or higher, which is inaudible to the human ear, while giving minute beauty equipment, it is used as an item that promotes skin activation.

Ultrasonic facial equipment uses ultrasonic waves to apply minute vibrations to the skin, making it easier to remove dirt clogged deep in pores and stimulating facial muscles.

In addition, ultrasonic facial equipment has different effects on the skin depending on the frequency, and the frequency varies greatly depending on the product.If you want to approach sagging under the eyes with thin skin, a low-frequency ultrasonic facial device is recommended.You can say.



Causes of sagging under the eyes include muscle weakness, loss of firmness, and eye fatigue.It is also known as a skin problem that is mainly caused by aging, but there is a good chance that even young people can develop sagging under the eyes.If you want to keep your youthful impression as much as possible, daily self-care is important.

Also, if you start to worry about sagging, it is a good idea to incorporate a facial massager into your daily self-care.Since the functionality of the facial device differs depending on the type, we recommend that you choose the product that suits you best.

At Early Bird Online, we have products that can be used for eye care.Among them, the following two points are recommended for facial equipment that can also be used around the eyes.If you are looking for a home-use facial equipment, please check it out.

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