New product LifeTone finally debuts!

Thank you for your continued patronage of Early Bird Online.Our new product, LifTone, will finally be released.
Until now, we have dealt with many facial equipments that specialize in facial care.
LifeTone is a total care facial device that can take care of your face, scalp, and hair with just one unit.

◆ 2 types of attachments
A brush-type attachment for the scalp and hair, and a plate-type attachment for the face are available.
We have adopted the optimal shape for each part!
EMS micro-current + low-frequency pulse stimulates the muscles of the face and scalp,
Ultrasonic cavitation + heat helps the penetration of beauty ingredients and treatment agents*.
* To every corner of the stratum corneum

Nice waterproof resistance
LifeTone's waterproof resistance is IPX6!
Not only can it be used in the bathroom, but it can also be used while shampooing.
Two types of attachments can be washed completely and are hygienic!

Easy care with easy operation
LiftTone does not require troublesome button operations.
Since the mode is automatically switched just by changing the attachment,
You can quickly use it according to your mood and condition.

Launch: September 2023
List price: 55,000 yen including tax

Please try our new product LifTone for your hands!
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