[Instagram] Water peeling compound facial device Rocklean series

¥ 32,780

Please note that the list price differs depending on the model.
<Rocklean series list price (tax included)>
Premium 32,780 yen / Disco 32,780 yen / Shine 33,000 yen

A complex facial device "Rocklean" series equipped with a water peeling function that can wash skin dirt and expect beauty effects.
The Rocklean series is equipped with multiple functions such as 3 roles and 5 modes.
You can experience the full course of full-scale beauty treatment at home.

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Rocklean series

3Role5modeAuthentic esthetic

Water peeling Complex facial equipment

rocklean series

Rocklean premium

Rocklean premium

Color: Black
Head: 24K pure gold plated head

Recommended for those with weak skin by pure gold processing.

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Rocklean disco

Rocklean disco

Color: Aurora
Head: 24K pure gold plated head

Aurora color like no other in photos.

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Rocklean Shine

Rocklean Shine

Color: silver leaf
Head: Platinum plating head

Fingerprints are difficult to attach, and the color uses silver foil on the body.

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Water peeling complex facial equipment

rocklean series

Standards / Specifications

Premium(black) disc
Shine(Silver foil)
Model number TBR-02G TBR-03D TBR-04S
カ ラ ー black Aurora Silver leaf
Treatment head 24K pure gold
24K pure gold
size Vertical 159mm Horizontal 53mm Depth 15mm
weight 90g
Charging time / use time About 150 minutes / about 70 minutes
Country of origin Japan

Like thisYour worriesIs there?

  • The pores are popping
  • The skin feels bad
  • I'm worried about keratin and dullness
  • Acne and breakouts are formed

Rocklean seriesIf

3Role5modethingMultifunctionalThepowered by

"Authentic esthetic"TheRealized!

3 roles
  • Water peeling mode
  • cleansingFace washmode
  • Moisturizing beautiful facemode
  • Putting mode
  • Lifting mode

Rocklean Series Features

Water peeling
 Cleansing Mode


Ultrasonic vibration x fine vibration
W Ultra Sonicpowered by

Dirt falls off!

そのSecret The...

Ultrasonic vibration gif

Per minute150Million times OfUltrasonic vibration

Water is misted by fine ultrasonic vibrations, enters pores, adsorbs dirt, and flips off.

Micro vibration gif

Per minute16800Times OfMicro vibration

Mist that has entered the pores
Circulates deeply with micro-vibration to remove dirt deeply.

Pore ​​cleansing face wash Cleansing Mode

Pore ​​cleansing face wash

Dedicated facial cleansing cover x For micro-vibration skin

With a special face wash cover containing lavender essence
Microvibration promotes emulsification of cleansing and foaming of facial cleansing foam!
Cleans pores while minimizing residual washing
Remove at the same time
This leads to a smooth skin that you will want to touch.

Iontophoresis Moisturizing Mode


Promote penetration of beauty ingredients * * Penetration to stratum corneum

By applying the negatively charged head to the skin
Repel negative ions for beauty ingredients that are difficult to penetrate as they are
UseTemporarily weakens skin barrier function,
Easy to reach deep in the skin (up to the stratum corneum)
To do.


Treatment headTo
24K pure goldplating
machiningThepowered by

Treatment head
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Condition the skin with a pure gold effect
  • Negative ions act on bioelectric current
  • Condition skin and keep it shiny
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Makes your skin moisturized
  • Leads to fine skin
  • Highly safe substance that is resistant to rust

etc.AlsoRockleanSeries Of
here Great!

Cleansing image without special gel

Cleansing without special gel

General facial equipment often uses a special gel,
Rocklean series has no special gelZero running costso,
YourselfYou can use your own cosmetics.
We realize eco-esthetic which is kind to both skin and wallet!

USB charging, compact size image

USB charging, compact size

With one full chargeCan be used for up to about 70 minutes.
Ultra light 90g, 7mm thinAnd easy to carry!
You can enjoy full-fledged skin care even when staying and traveling.

This oneCompletion-

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Rocklean premium

Rockclean Premium

Color: Black
Head: 24K pure gold plating

Recommended for those with weak skin by pure gold processing

Rocklean disco

Rockclean Disco

Color: Aurora
Head: 24K pure gold plating

Aurora color like no other in photos

Rocklean Shine

Rockclean Shine

Color: silver leaf
Head: Platinum plating

Fingerprints are difficult to attach, and the color uses silver foil on the body.

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Water peeling complex facial equipment

rocklean series

Customer Testimonials

Satisfaction level
96%that's all!

* As of 2018 month
Investigated based on the review results of Tmall
* In-house research

many OfPopular OfsoundThe
I have you!


The darkening of the nose is smooth!

I was so worried onceThe darkening of my nose is slipperyI got it easily.
The feel became smooth,The ability to use in five ways is different from other devicesI felt it.

M 29 years old dry skin

Firmness on skin!

After use, skin firmness has improved.
I have dry skin, but if I use this product while packingMoisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin and keep moistureGive me!

T 27 years old Normal skin

Medical OfProfessionalAlsoAcclaimed!

Yukiko Yoshii, Chairman

Pore ​​care by water peeling and
Moisturizing care is possible

Accumulation of makeup stains, sebum, and dead skin cells can cause various skin problems as pores widen and skin turnover tends to be disturbed.
Rocklean can do water peeling only with water,Improves pore clogging and removes dead skin cells and sebum for smooth skinWill guide you.Especially, it is recommended to take care after taking a bath with softened dead skin.After peeling, switch to moisturizing mode and take care from the top of the lotion or pack, so that the moisturizing ingredients can penetrate firmly, soIt is also attractive that you can peel and moisturize with one unit.

Medical corporation Grace Association Yoshii Clinic Director Yukiko Yoshii
* It is an individual impression.We do not guarantee the efficacy and efficacy.

How to use

  • Water peeling mode

    Cleaning of pores and dead skin   Acne   Rough skin

    Ultrasonic vibration converts water into a mist, which quickly removes and cleans dirt, darkening, sebum, and makeup ingredients in the pores that cannot be removed by regular face washing.It is effective for oily skin to intensively remove excess sebum and prevent rough skin.

  • Pore ​​cleansing face wash mode

    Face wash

    After using a purple silicone cover (containing lavender essence), fine vibration promotes emulsification of makeup remover and foaming of cleansing milk, enhances the effect of cleansing facial cleansing, removes dirt on pores by ultrasonic vibration,Adjust the skin brightness (texture).

  • Moisturizing facial mode

    needle   gloss

    By applying the negatively charged head to the skin and using the repulsion of negative ions for the beauty component that is difficult to penetrate as it isTemporarily weakens the barrier function of the skin, making it easier to reach the back of the skin (up to the stratum corneum).For partial care to the areas where you are concerned about your face, we recommend the putting mode, which allows you to care deeply with vibration.

  • Putting mode

    needle   gloss

    Like the moisturizing face wash, the head is charged negatively by holding the side bar,It is a function to penetrate the serum using the principle of iontophoresis. In addition, by giving a vibration that taps the skin lightly, with a finer vibration than putting by handPromotes the penetration * of beauty ingredients while reducing the burden on the skin, and improves moisturizing properties!Recommended for areas where you need intensive care! (* Penetration to stratum corneum)

  • Lifting mode * Vibration stimulus like lifting up

    Tightening the skin

    A wavy silicone cover containing tea tree oil stimulates the skin.

Promotion movie
Promotion movie


"Peeling" is on the surface of the skinRemove old skin and peel offis what it means. In the past, gels for peeling etc. were sold, but water peeling isCan be peeled with waterIt is kind to your skin. Turn water into mist by ultrasonic vibrationExpected beauty effect by blowing off and cleaning skin dirt by water pressureIt is a peeling method with less burden.
There is no exclusive gel.You can use a lotion or water that suits your skin without using a special gel.
You can use the pore cleansing face wash mode every day. For other modesEstimated 2-3 times a weekPlease use it for.
Although it is drip-proof,The body is not waterproof.Be careful not to allow water to enter the charging port. In addition, please refrain from storing around water, use in bathroom.
After use, clean the headJust wipe it clean with a tissueWill be clean enough. If you are concerned about dirt, there is no problem if you wash the head with a neutral detergent. (Be careful not to allow water to enter the body)
We do not sell USB cables or silicon covers onlyHowever, in case of loss or damage, we will respond separately, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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