About the contents of the Facepump series instruction manual

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We sincerely apologize for any corrections or additions to the contents of the instruction manual attached to The Beautools Facepump series (Premium / Shine). Please check it.

Page 11 How to use
6 Perform maintenance until the power is turned off about 3 minutes after the start.
 * Even if the output level is changed during use, the power will be turned off automatically in about 3 minutes from the start.

There is a description.Actually, every time the output level is changed, 3 minutes are extended, so the specifications are such that the power is turned off within 3 minutes after the last output change.We apologize for the correction.

Page 15 Battery life and replacement
・ [Life]: 3 years (approximate)
It is recommended to replace the battery if the charge is exhausted extremely quickly even after it is fully charged.

There is a description.The above 3 years are the average specifications of the installed lithium rechargeable battery.

Replacing the battery of this product costs more than repairing it, so if there is a problem with the battery part, we will replace it with a new one.
If it is within the warranty period, it will be free of charge, and if it is out of the warranty period, it will be charged.If you wish to have the product repaired or replaced due to a defect, please contact customer support.
* The warranty period is 1 year and 6 months from the first purchase date when purchasing from the official website, and 1 year from the first purchase date when purchasing from Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, and other physical stores.
* To confirm the warranty period, please show the order number, screenshot of the order confirmation email, etc. that can confirm the purchase date.Please note.