About the fine current of FacePump series

We have received some inquiries about the EMS microcurrent of the FacePump series. The FacePump series EMS can be easily experienced through water. If the skin is dry, it is difficult to feel a minute electric current, so it is recommended that you apply lotion etc. and moisturize your skin before use.

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新商品・FacePump Shine好評発売中

New product, FacePump Shine now on sale

New products have been released from the popular FacePump series. The new FacePump Shine (Face Pump Shine) is not only different in color from the previous 2 models! The main difference between the white face pump and the black premium is the LED color and RMS waveform! Until now, 2 models have a red LED ...

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NYC×Rocklean Disco

NYC × Rocklean Disco

  2018 in 3 month, The Beautools Rocklean Disco appeared on the NY Times Square signboard and became a popular product! Click here for more information about the product!

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Official instagram

  There is an official Instagram for the beauty equipment brands “The Beautools” and “Tripollar” that are available on this site. We also distribute new products and deals information, so please check it out! The Beautools Official Instagram @the_beautools ...

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