PAUL & JOE x Vidal Sassoon product handling notice


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We have started handling PAUL & JOE x Vidal Sassoon products as an authorized dealer.

We have a lineup of convenient and cute products such as mobile straighteners that are convenient to carry around and cordless straighteners that can be used anytime, anywhere.
It's a cute package that makes you happy to receive any product, so it's also recommended as a gift!
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Introducing recommended items!

cordless straightener
・USB rechargeable cordless straightener
・Because it can turn in a small radius, it can be used to fix bangs and stray hairs.
・Compact size makes it convenient for going out or traveling

mobile straightener
・USB-powered mobile straightener
・It is easy to style because it is compact and can turn in a small radius.
・For curly or floating hair on rainy days.
・The size is convenient to carry.

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