About the fine current of FacePump series

We have received some inquiries about the EMS microcurrent of the FacePump series.

The FacePump series EMS can be easily experienced through water.
If your skin is dry, apply a lotion, etc.
We recommend that you use after fully moisturizing your skin.

Also, if you feel weak current during use,
It may be difficult to feel the minute current due to the increased resistance of the skin due to the familiarity of use.
In that case, please try to reduce the frequency of use once, or if you feel a slight current after a day.
Still, "I don't feel a minute current" or "I don't feel a minute current"
In that case, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form.

By the way, as our recommended usage,
If you treat from the face packed with a face mask, you can work together with facial mask beauty ingredients and facial muscle training ♪
Please try!

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