Creating ideal skin with care after bath-Recommended care method-

Hello everyone!
From today on, it has become an official character of Early Bird,
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Usari-chan and Ariba-kun

...It's the first update to commemorate, but Usary-chan isn't doing well


Aribakun... Actually, my skin isn't feeling well these days and I don't feel very well...


I'm worried about the future with that kind of condition... What kind of skin care are you always doing?


Hmm... After taking a bath or washing your face, it's all done and I'm moisturizing for a long time!


…Usari-chan, maybe you've dried Usami first? After bathing, speed is the life!


… Then today "Making ideal skin with care after bath-Recommended care method-" Let me introduce you!

So, I will post about useful "beauty techniques" etc. 🙋‍♀️✨


Suddenly, everyone ❗️

After leaving the bath, do you leave it on for a long time without putting anything on your face or body?


You all know that moisturizing your skin is important, but speed is especially important after taking a bath 💨


The skin will dry out over time, which can cause various problems. Then, even if you use good cosmetics, you can not realize the effect 😢


Therefore, I would like to talk about what kind of care should be taken after taking a bath, and how to care for getting your ideal skin.


[Immediately after the bath, moisturize! Speed ​​is key 🔑]


The moment you leave the bath, your skin will begin to dry. If your skin is tingling, it's a sign that it's dry, and you'll want to care before it happens.


Procedure for skin care after taking a bath


When you get out of the bath, apply lotion for the time being. The trick is to apply it while your skin is still damp. You can wear your clothes later, so protect your skin from dryness first.


Please apply lotion gently without rubbing your skin. After that, apply beauty essence and cream as usual.


How to increase the penetration of serum


Even if you are in a hurry to get skin care, the trick to moisturizing is not to apply all of it in a short time, but to proceed after each item has penetrated.


After applying the lotion, leave it for a few minutes to let it spread. This will keep your skin moisturized, and improve the penetration of the serum you apply next.


If you want to further increase the penetration,Face PumpPlease use the series.



・Low frequency pulse

- LED Light beauty

To say3One of the two functions stimulates the skin while tightening it, increasing the penetration of beauty liquids.

* Up to stratum corneum 

I want to tighten my cheeks and skin! I want firmness on my skin! It is perfect for those who say.


[It takes a little time to prevent dullness]


After taking a bath, your skin is very soft, so you have the chance to take special care. Let's always take care and make more beautiful skin with alpha.


Wipe off with lotion


Somehow my skin looks dull. In such a case, you may not be able to remove the dirt with your usual face wash. A cleansing lotion can be used to care for dirt on the back of pores and old dead skin that could not be removed by cleansing or washing the face.


Moisten the cotton with a lotion and gently wipe the cotton without rubbing to wipe it off. Then, care for the basic cosmetics as usual.


What if you are concerned about the roughness of your skin?


Even so, you may be worried about your skin's roughness and stuffiness. Excessive peeling at such times may damage your skin.


So, I would like you to use it.RockleanIt is a series.


This one

1. Water peeling

2. Cleansing face wash

3. Moisturizing face

4. Putting

5. Lifting


To say5It can be cleaned by one function. It's a great way to do esthetic skin care while at home.


Facial equipment is expensive...I think there are some people who are struggling. Certainly more expensive than buying cosmetics. But what if you consider going to a beauty salon?


If you have a facial device1~2You can do esthetic-grade skin care at home at a price that is not so different from going around.


No matter how high-grade beauty essences are used, the effect will not be fully exerted if the skin remains dirty. It's a great waste.


By using this facial treatment device, it cleans the dirt to the inside of the pores firmly, so that the beauty ingredients of cosmetics reach the skin firmly (up to the stratum corneum).


[Changing skin care items according to your skin condition]

Your skin is not always the same. Because it depends on the season and physical condition,1You cannot use the same care all year long.


When doing skin care, touch the skin gently, check the softness, etc., if you think it is dry, add a beauty essence, or if you feel dull, try using a facial device, We will take care according to the condition.


Also, are you keeping the right amount of cosmetics?


There is a proper amount of cosmetics, so if you do not use the required amount, you will not be able to obtain the effects of that cosmetic. For example, if you want to dry no matter how much cream you apply, the amount of that cream is often insufficient.


I think that the usage instructions are displayed for each cosmetic, so check them before using.



How was it? 

After taking a bath, you can get close to your ideal skin by not only quickly taking care of your skin, but sometimes by using a facial device as well.


Please check the products introduced this time from here!


It is also important to choose a skin care item that suits your skin and use cosmetics in an appropriate amount. Careful care every day will help your skin answer.



I mean... It's important to be quick after taking a bath! Thank you! Ariba-kun! It seems that there is a lot of information about facial devices.


You are welcome! ! It's incredibly recommended to solve your skin problems! Usari-chan! From the next time on, let's make sure that we are doing well!


of course! Readers! Thank you for reading this far! We will update it next time, so please look forward to it!